Brand awareness

A memorable brand that leaves an impression, regardless of the touchpoint, creates incredible opportunity for your business. If your brand can capture the hearts and minds of your potential customers. And has them thinking of your product or service at the time they need it, you’re well on the way to building a business of tremendous long-term value. We help your brand get discovered, and ensure that it makes an impact when it does. Building trust and breeding affection.

If they aren’t aware, don’t despair

No matter how good your product or service, if potential customers don’t know about it, they aren’t purchasing it. Brand awareness isn’t just about helping customers discover your business. It’s as much about ensuring your brand sticks. Memorable brands drive long term value. Customers might not need your product when they first discover it, but if you’ve left your mark, they sure as hell will when the time is right.

Our brand awareness strategy is two-pronged for this reason. We get your brand out there, in front of your ideal customers, on the channels they’re on. We combine this discovery with eye-catching, consistent design that resonates with your business’s audience. Whether this is through some quirky copy or a funny gif, we make sure your brand is the one customers remember.

How we go about it

Creating awareness, through memorable moments

The digital landscape is a noisy one, with brands shouting over one another to cut-through and get noticed. Our approach is a little different. We don’t think you need to yell (we like our indoor voices). We focus on creating meaningful, memorable moments, that’ll make your brand stand out, without leaving customers with a headache. This involves finding the channels where we can share your brand, and tell your story. Not necessarily all at once, but in bite-size chunks that fit the context. Our designers and copywriters go to great lengths figuring out your business so they can execute an authentic message, that rings true.

What you can expect

Knowledge is power

With your brand on the radar, customers will have you in their sights. We focus on getting your brand discovered. Yeah, one of the outputs is more traffic to your website, but it’s also about other things like social engagement, and average time on page. We want to help you become a brand that customers love. Even after they’ve purchased from you. This makes up-selling and generating repeat purchases all the easier.

Related services

Brand awareness is the sum of several moving parts. From design to social media to organic search, we offer a range of services to help get your brand in front of potential customers and make a mark when it does.


Digital design

Whether it be paid ads, social content or website pages, good design is what makes the difference. We design for digital and understand how to make your brand stand out, regardless of the channel.

Social media management

Our approach to social media management is first understanding what purpose social serves, and how we can measure it. From there, we build social media management strategies that are low on time, but high on effectiveness.



SEO should drive long-term results for your business. But it requires hard work and data-driven insights. We tell it to you straight and work with you on developing a sustainable SEO strategy that delivers results for your business.

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