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What’s the easiest way to get more enquiries and sales? Better convert the traffic you already have! Conversion rate optimisation combines insights with actions to make changes that drive results. A small tweak here and there can often have a profound impact on your website conversion. We analyse your site to find the areas that need to be tweaked to deliver conversion rate improvements.

Traffic gets them in the door. Conversion puts money in the bank

Getting your customers to fill in a form, sign up to your mailing list or book a meeting shows intent. But there is still work to be done before they are ‘closed’. Sales conversion, on the other hand, involves not just capturing intent, but turning it into direct revenue.

Generating a high volume of website traffic, is all well and good, but if those users do not convert to sales, you’re effectively running a tire-kicking operation. There are several reasons why your sales conversion could be less than optimal. Maybe you’re attracting the wrong users, or perhaps the right users with the wrong message. Customers might be sceptical with no rebuttal to their concerns or maybe don’t even know how to purchase. Whatever the reason or invariably reasons, by not focusing on sales conversion, you are hamstringing your business and making it very difficult for it to grow.

How we go about it

We make it easier for customers to buy

No matter the activity, if sales conversion is not at the heart of your thinking, you’re setting yourself up for failure, or at the very least suboptimal results. Getting this right not only means less wasted time, effort and money but even better, more revenue. Our approach to sales conversion starts by looking at things as they currently stand. We deep dive into your analytics and data, not only for your website but all your digital channels, so that we can understand your customers’ path to purchase. We find their pain points and determine what could be contributing to them not converting. We combine quant and qual, with a bit of lateral thinking to get to the bottom of your sales conversion funnel. We then use these data-driven insights to first test our hypotheses and then make the necessary changes to improve your customers’ experience. We smooth the pain points, restructure the flow and build anew where we have to. Whatever is required to improve sales conversion. All the while implementing the requisite reporting tools so that we can monitor and adjust things over time.

What you can expect

Getting the most out of your traffic

By making it easier for your customers to browse and purchase on your site, you’ll not only make them happier, but you’ll improve your sites sales as well. Happy customers increase the likelihood of repeat purchase and referral, a bonus of a customer-focused approach to sales conversion. But this process isn’t just about capitalising on previously missed opportunities. Through the insights gained, it presents new opportunities too, such as identifying previously unserved customer segments or improving your digital marketing efforts and messaging. Our process arms you with all the information you need to continue to improve your sales conversion into the future. Your customers are a moving feast, so should your sales funnel and website be.

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Improving sales conversion requires every aspect of your digital strategy to be on point, and often involves multiple services. Although a lot of the work ends with your website, at its core it’s about understanding your customers and their path to purchase.

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