Performance marketing 

Only-pay-for-results digital marketing

Revenue-share ads management for e-commerce. We only charge a % of your monthly return on ad spend (ROAS). This means you only pay for results achieved and ensures sustainable and profitable business growth.

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Who we are 

12+ years marketing experience at startups and our own e-commerce businesses.

5.26 average ROAS across all client accounts in 2020.

Our expertise comes from over $4,000,000 profitably spent on digital marketing performance.

What we do

1. Analytics setup

A professional configuration of your analytics setup will ensure flawless access to data insights.

2. Ad setup & testing

We work with you to create the best-performing ads, driven by ongoing experimentation.


3. Conversion optimisation

Your business performance is constantly monitored so that no opportunity ever gets missed.

How we work 

Our monthly management fees are charged as a % of your return on ad spend (otherwise called ROAS). If the ads aren’t generating you revenue, you don’t pay us a cent. We will start with a test budget, track performance and scale your business sustainably, basing decisions on the data we see.

Let us help with your ads

Your first month with us

1. Setting a budget

We agree on an initial monthly budget that you’re comfortable spending on ads. You will be responsible for these costs, which are paid directly to the ad platform provider (i.e. Google, Facebook).

2. Testing & optimising

Over the course of the month, we will closely monitor your ads and website analytics, making regular adjustments to ad creatives, targeting, daily budgets, and split of budget across the various ad platforms. We also create for you a custom dashboard for you to track the performance in real-time, 24/7.

3. Reviewing the results

At the end of the month, we review your ad accounts and determine the attributable revenue generated from ad activities. We then minus the amount you spent on ads to get the ROAS. Here’s a simple example:

Revenue from ads = $3,000

Amount you spent on ads = $1,000

ROAS = $2,000 (this is the figure we share)

We felt that static monthly fees led to the wrong approach – great performance is not rewarded, so agencies are encouraged to do just the bare minimum. With us you know for sure that all of our incentives are actually aligned. And our clients are getting awesome results.

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