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Copywriting goes beyond words on the page. Its the voice of your brand. But it’s not just punchlines and puns. Copy needs to be relatable, creative and engaging. We help you find your voice and make it heard.

What we do

We create copy that cuts through the noise

Your tone of voice is crucial to building a unique brand identity that stands out from the crowd. You shouldn’t have to yell! The words you choose make all the difference. We create considered, engaging and (sometimes) punny copy, that not only cuts through the noise but that also breeds familiarity with your audience.

How we do it

We shape words to form brand personalities

In a crowded market, your brand needs to have a personality. Whether you’re channelling Schwarzenegger or Schumer, we help you find the right words to create a superstar brand. Once we know what you want to say and how we slip on our Deerstalker and start investigating your customers. How do they communicate? Where do they communicate? Is there room for a pun or two? Once we’re done playing Nancy Drew, we can then go about our wordy work.

Why have us do it

We take the work out of words

Anyone can write. But writing well, that’s another story. Don’t waste time umming and ahhing over where to place that comma, let the KnowGood team take the writing (and comma placement) off your plate. We have a way with words, and we’re not afraid to use them.

What we can help with

Long form copywriting

If you only need but one word or one million, we’re in! Be it blogs, press releases, articles, or ghostwriting. Long-form content is a great way to strengthen the relationship between the reader and your brand.

Tone of voice guides

Are you looking for consistency in what you say, and how you say it? We create simple, executable guides for your team to deploy across all your platforms. Similar to a brand guide, a tone of voice guide is a bible for how your brand speaks. From CEO to social media coordinator, you’ll all be speaking fluent brand in no time!

Social media copywriting

Stuck for a caption on that oh so pretty Instagram post? Sure a picture says 1,000 words, but sometimes that extra 25 makes the difference. We know how to write for social media and develop your channel appropriate voice. Don’t believe us? Count the characters in this paragraph.

Our systematic approach to copywriting

Step 1. What are we writing?

We’ll discuss the brief and determine what it is that we’re writing. A blog, an about page, a tag line for your bumper?

Step 2. Why are we writing it?

We don’t speak for the sake of of it. We want to know the purpose of making noise and deliver considered content.

Step 3. Who's the audience?

We’ll take a deep dive into your demographics and create a tone that your audience wants to listen to. We swear allegiance to consistency and build a robust brand portfolio with a voice that cuts through.

Step 4. We write it

Say no more. We’ll take pen to paper or finger to keyboard, depending on who’s tasked with the weight of your wordy identity.

Step 5. Read it

Say no more? Give it a squiz and pass on the feedback, we’ll make the revisions.

Step 6. Deploy it

The words are your oyster, do with them what you will.

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