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Digital design 

Design is at the core of a successful digital strategy. Whether it be paid ads, social content or website pages, good design is what makes the difference. We design for digital and understand how to make your brand stand out, regardless of the channel.

What we do

Digital design that hits the sweet spot

The art of successful digital design is in finding the middle ground between a business’s goals and their customers’ needs. Our approach to design is finding that sweet spot by creating digital assets that engage and perform. Design overlaps all of your digital touchpoints, from website to social media, and is fundamental in creating value for your brand. Inconsistency, at any point, can alter your customers’ perceptions, impacting your business in numerous ways.

How we do it

We understand the context and deliver relevance

When customers understand your business’s value proposition, it makes it much easier to drive effective outcomes. Great design is how you achieve this. We go to work understanding where customers are at in their user journey when they encounter a digital asset. We then design to ensure we deliver the right message, that makes sense. We also design smart, finding ways to leverage assets across various touchpoints while not losing their context.

Why have us do it

Anything we design is yours forever

We create digital designs for your business, so it makes no sense for us to keep them. All of our design work is handed over to you, including all the working files. Even if you’re not design-savvy yourself, having the original files is invaluable down the track. We also make our designs work harder for you, giving scope for your business to grow and change around them. We create templates that’ll scale with your business, giving you the power to control and adjust your message.

What we can help with

Brand identity

The culmination of all the moving parts of your brand – logo, name and visual elements. How these parts come together shapes the perception of your brand. We help to create cohesive brand identities, whether that be starting from scratch or adjusting what you already have. Getting this right is so crucial for social enterprises. You have a strong message your brand should reflect it.

Social media design

Social media design requires your brand design to be malleable, so as to fit in seamlessly with the social media platform. This doesn’t mean compromising who you are, but does involve finding an authentic look and feel for your brand that engages that specific channels audience. Catching a customers attention on social media is easier said than done, and getting them to share something is even harder. We can help you create digital design that makes an impact.

Website design

It’s no good driving traffic to a website or landing page, only for the customers to bounce straight away as a result of poor design. Creating engaging digital assets helps draw customers in and convey your brand message. Whether you want them to buy something or provide their email address, website design plays a critical role in driving these behaviours.

Our systematic approach to digital design

Step 1. Understanding your brand

We first need to get a good sense of your brand. What’s your message? What sentiment do you want to elicit? What current visual elements exist?

Step 2. Understanding your customers

We then move onto getting to know your customers. Who are they? What’s their aesthetic? How does this differ from your current design, if at all?

Step 3. Determining context

Context in design is fundamental. Knowing how a customer will interact with a design element, and it’s role, allows us to create something powerful. 

Step 4. Drafting

Our design team then starts to create. Depending on the design element, we will often create many iterations until we both find a solution that hits the sweet spot.

Step 5. Final design

The cream that rose to the top in the drafting stage, is then taken through to final design.

Step 6. Handover

Once complete, we’ll hand over all the assets you need and all the working files.

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