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Digital strategy

Do you have the resources and skills in house to execute digital marketing? We’re happy to help with the strategy and leave the implementation up to you. We’ll work with you to develop a measurable strategic plan, and then hand over to your team to implement.

What we do

We know digital, so you don’t have to 

With thousands of hours of digital knowledge across the KnowGood team, we know what digital strategies work. But that doesn’t mean we’re complacent. We put in the time to not only keep up to date with the changing digital landscape but also to experiment and test emerging digital strategies. Even with a knowledgeable team, we can work with them on filling in the gaps in their knowledge. We provide the additional context that comes from living and breathing digital, all day, every day.

How we do it

We get to know you and your business

We take the time to understand you and your business. We get into the weeds of your product and industry, to help determine your unique opportunities and challenges. We ask lots of questions to uncover what is important to you. We pay close attention to the digital activity you’ve done before and seek to find why it worked or didn’t. Armed with a good lay of the land we then wanna know “What do you want to achieve?” We develop SMART goals and then figure out how the hell we’re going to deliver them, using a data-driven framework, to formulate your digital strategy.

Why have us do it

We deliver strategy that minimises effort and maximises returns

We’re bloody passionate about social enterprises and take the time understanding your business so we can deliver meaningful results. If we can’t add value we won’t, but will always help to point you in the right direction. We provide strategies that keep things simple and find the digital initiatives that will yield sizable returns on the effort.

What we can help with

Channel strategy

Feeling a bit lost with how you should prioritise and deliver content across your digital channels? We can provide a digital channel playbook with clear success criteria for each. Yes, Gary Vee, we’d all love to be able to post a ton of content on every available channel several times a day. In reality, this isn’t that executable, particularly as a lean startup. We narrow your focus, in line with the outcomes you want to achieve to find the optimal approach for your business.

Advertising strategy

Digital advertising platforms like Facebook and Google Ads, are fantastically easy to set up. However, they can quickly become money pits if you don’t know what you’re doing. We not only help to guide you on the advertising channels most suitable for your business but also develop the framework to ensure they deliver the results intended.

Competitor & industry analysis

Sometimes you’ve got to look outward before turning inward. We review the competitive landscape, documenting the strategies and digital programs your competitors have adopted to determine what works and what doesn’t. This analysis helps to identify gaps, and untapped channels, that when executed well – should over-deliver on their efforts. This process works brilliantly for early-stage business validation or idea testing. Have an idea that your not sure is a business? We can help you determine whether it’s worth pursuing.

Our systematic approach to digital strategy 

Step 1. Getting to know your business

Being a fully remote business, we start by jumping on an informal get to know you call.

Step 2. Diving in the deep end

If you feel like we’d be a good fit, we then get into the detail. Finding out as much about the business from our research and what you’re comfortable sharing.

Step 3. Setting measurable goals

We then work with you on the business outcomes you want to achieve. We ensure they are measurable and actionable and will set a numerical success measure where we can.

Step 4. Developing the strategy

We’ll then go away again and develop the strategy, choosing the key activities we think will drive the most value to your business.

Step 5. Testing & iterating

Before handing it over, we perform a series of low-cost tests to ensure our assumptions are correct. We will tweak the approach should we have missed the mark on any aspect.

Step 6. Time to implement

It’s over to you now. Of course, we can help with this too if you decide you want us to implement!

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