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Influencer marketing 

The world of influencer marketing can be a murky, time-consuming gamble if you don’t know what you’re doing. As an influencer marketing agency, we remove the guesswork, connecting you with brand-relevant influencers that deliver results. From TikTok to Twitter, macro to micro, we know what works and have the network on tap to do so quickly.

What we do

We develop mutually beneficial relationships between influencers and brands

Influencer marketing is no longer the easy path to cheap impressions that it once was. These days, using influencers is a much more complicated paid ads channel, that comes with risks and fallbacks on both sides. Brands lose money, influencers lose influence (which in turn results in lost money). To reduce the risks, we work with you to clearly define the intention of the activity. Sales? Impressions? Cute photos? Once this is clear, we leverage our network of influencers to find those that’ll work best. Expecting influencers to foot all the risk, isn’t fair and frankly doesn’t work. While getting a free product often sounds like a good deal to the uninitiated, influencer marketing has moved on from gifting alone. Success comes from developing mutually beneficial relationships.

How we do it

We have a network of high performing influencers that deliver results

We have taken the time to develop an ever-growing network of high performing influencers, so you don’t have to waste yours. Our network ranges from micro-influencers with followings of 5K right up to macro-influencers with several million followers. Depending on your objectives, we work with relevant influencers in our network to ensure we deliver results for you at the right price. That fit with your brand values and theirs.

Why have us do it

We reduce your risk, guesswork and time

Influencer marketing is a complicated beast, with many moving parts. Doing it well takes a significant amount of time to find, analyse and contact influencers that ‘might’ perform. With our approach we save you hundreds of hours, having already done this grunt work for you. What’s more, our network is eager to work with social enterprise businesses, with tried and tested results, delivering on a range of outcomes.

What we can help with

Performance campaigns

Looking to get more bang for your buck, and want your influencer marketing activity to generate attributable sales? We set up campaigns that are designed to convert and encourage influencers to promote.

Brand awareness

Sometimes discovery is all that is needed. We can implement awareness campaigns for you business, with low cost impressions on the channels your customers spend time on. 

User-generated content

Whether you’re just starting or have been in the game for a while social proof can be hard to come by. Great looking photos of people using your product goes a long way to negating customer scepticism. We work with our network to create amazing images for you.

Our systematic approach to influencer marketing

Step 1. Suitability review

Influencer marketing works well when the fit is right. We first determine whether your product and brand are suitable for influencer marketing (in all honesty, some quite frankly are not).

Step 2. Setting objectives

We then chat with you about your goals for the activity. We make sure they are deliverable and can be reported on.

Step 3. Network engagement

With a clear brief and outcomes, we then work with our network of influencers to find who those that align best with your intended outcomes.

Step 4. Proposal

We’ll negotiate with our influencer for you and present back proposals built to drive outcomes.

Step 5. Execution

With your go-ahead, the chosen influencers will go about delivering the activity as agreed. We will work with them to keep them to account.

Step 6. Reporting

At the end of the activity, we will report back on the results and handover any assets that were generated during the activity.

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