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Search engine marketing

When executed well, pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing can deliver your business relevant, consistent leads. But it isn’t as simple as set and forget. Our approach to search marketing is to take the time to understand how best we can capture a potential customer’s intent, at their moment of search, to drive meaningful traffic to your website.

What we do

We get you relevant leads

Creating PPC campaigns is easy. Getting them to be effective is a little harder. We focus on results, not just cost-per-click (CPC). What’s the point of a low CPC if the customers who are clicking are completely irrelevant to your business. We understand customer intent and create PPC campaigns that are relevant to the customers that engage with them, resulting in better outcomes for your business.

How we do it

We put in the research and develop robust plans

Developing effective PPC campaigns for your business requires we know your business. We pull things apart to find the areas of potential. We then formulate a well-defined plan and create PPC campaigns that capitalise on the opportunities for your business.     

Why have us do it

We walk you through the process and keep you in the loop

We want you to have the same information we do. We don’t do surprises. You’ll have a complete overview of your PPC campaigns, with nothing running that you aren’t across. We report in the same way. We give you detailed reports that simplifying the insights. We don’t shy away from failures and highlight the good, bad and ugly, but ensure we provide the learnings so we can avoid repeated underperformance.

What we can help with

Google Adwords

Google is the dominant player in search, with their Adwords product at the core of most PPC activity. Adwords campaigns are our bread and butter. We specialise in creating PPC campaigns through Adwords that make an impact. We can help get you started or manage the whole thing for you.

Bing ads

Yeah, Bing is still a thing and for some industries provides a niche opportunity for targeted PPC campaigns. Competition is also lower, and when included as part of your total PPC mix, Bing can drive low-cost traffic for your business and reduce your average cost-per-conversion.

Our systematic approach to SEM

Step 1. What does success look like

We start by setting goals for what you want PPC campaigns to achieve for your business. We then reverse engineer what the strategic approach needs to be to deliver these results.

Step 2. Research

We then take the time to research, finding opportunities for your business and ensure we optimise the ad spend from the outset.

Step 3. PPC campaign creation

The team then create PPC campaigns with your input and feedback. We set the ad budget and controls to make sure everything is set up for success.

Step 4. Go live

When you’re happy, we push the PPC campaigns live.

Step 5. Monitoring

We’ll then monitor them closely to see how they are performing, to make sure they deliver the results we intended.

Step 6. Reporting

When it’s all said and done, we create reports that give you a complete picture of the SEM program, with actionable insights for future ad campaigns.

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