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Social media advertising 

We’re a performance agency that that specialises in ad campaigns that deliver return on ad spend.

What we do

We create social media ads that perform

We take the time figuring out who your customers are and what they look like, so we know where to find them in the data. We then build targeted ad campaigns that combine our data-driven insights with creative copy and imagery.

How we do it

We fail fast and test a lot

We quickly test ad variants, formats and platforms and keep an eye on what works and what doesn’t. When it becomes clear what’s performing, we double down on those ads to ensure we extract maximum value from them while we can.

Why have us do it

Only pay if your ads perform

Our monthly management fees are charged as a % of your return on ad spend (otherwise called ROAS). We think this is the fairest way and ensures that our incentives are aligned – we only get paid if you’re making money.

What we can help with

Facebook & Instagram advertising

Although Facebook and Instagram and very different beasts, we have combined them here as they are both managed via the same ads platform. With the degree of control and ad targeting that Facebook’s platform offers, your ideal customers are only a few clicks away. 

TikTok advertising

What’s TikTok? Ummmm, it’s only the fastest growing social media platform. With 800 million downloads, the app is growing fast and is the talk of high schools the world over. They have only recently launched their native ad platform. We are TikTok ad experts and can work with you to be at the forefront of advertisers on the platform (impressions are still below that of other platforms!).

Snapchat advertising

Are people even on Snap these days? Yes, they are, and they’re young. With 200 million daily active users, Snapchat is making a recovery. Snap advertising works great for brands with a message and can drive low-cost traffic to your website. With a variety of ad modules available, we can help you achieve value with Snapchat ads.

Our systematic approach to social media advertising

Step 1. Understanding your goals and customers

We start by finding out what you are looking to achieve from the advertising. We then get into the nitty-gritty of who you customers are, informed by data. This helps to inform the platforms that will work best for your business.

Step 2. Setting up your analytics

We then get access to your relevant social media platforms and analytics. Don’t worry if you haven’t set them up properly, as we’ll make sure everything is configured correctly so that we can track the results. If you’ve advertised before, we go through the previous campaigns you’ve run to see what worked or didn’t work in the past.

Step 3. Creating engaging creative

With a good understanding of who we are targeting and why we then go about writing impactful headlines and copy and creating engaging images and videos.

Step 4. Setting up the campaigns on the platform/s

We’re now ready to build the ad campaigns. We create many ads using variant testing methodology.

Step 5. Monitoring and tweaking the ads

After we push the ads live we keep our beady eyes all over them. We assess what’s performing and adjust and tweak the ads as necessary. Ads not delivering we cull quickly, and reallocate their budget to the ones that are.

Step 6. Reporting on the results

After it’s all said and done and the ads have run their course, we collect the results and report them back to you. We view this is a bit of a playbook that then you can run with for future campaigns (should you choose).

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