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Social media management 

Why does your business have social media? What role does it play? If you can’t answer these questions, it makes it pretty damn hard to manage them. That’s where we come in. Our approach to social media management is first understanding what purpose they serve, and how we can measure it. From there, we build social media management strategies that are low on time, but high on effectiveness.

What we do

We help brands create engaging social media accounts

Creating and managing native, platform-specific content across multiple social media channels is no small undertaking. But this task is a hell of a lot easier when you know what content performs for your audience, and why. We get to the rub of this, developing a strategic approach to content creation that seeks to find these answers, and then roll out a plan that consistently delivers results.

How we do it

We streamline repetitive tasks so more time can be spent on developing content that performs

Managing social media accounts is a full-time job, if not several. Often the majority of this time is wasted on the daily management of accounts. Instead, time should be spent creating and experimenting with content that engages your followers and drives behaviours (like visiting your website). We develop processes that reduce this wasted time so that we can spend our efforts on the area of most importance – content.

Why have us do it

We help reduce the costs of managing your social media, without the fluff

By reviewing your social media channels through a strategic lens, we hone in on the opportunities for your business and implement a management approach that optimises results. The upside of this is greater bang for your buck, whether you’re paying someone internally to run your socials or using our managed service. We don’t rely on fluffy metrics. We give you direct insights on the impact of your social media channels for your business.

What we can help with

Content creation & scheduling

We can develop all the content you need to execute a successful social media strategy. We’ll even schedule it for you too! This includes creating images, gifs or videos, and writing the relevant captions. Everything we create is designed with a clear objective in mind and is analysed after the fact to make sure it did its job.

Community management

Having trouble keeping on top of those DMs or managing the response to posts amongst your community? We can help to optimise your social media management to assist you and your team with keeping on top of your community. We also can provide short-term and long-term community management services for your social media accounts should you want a completely hands-off approach.

Channel growth

Feel like you’ve been stuck on 100 followers on the gram for what seems like years. Although vanity metrics like followers are not something we advise getting too bogged down in, we can help with growing your following, sustainably. No growth hacks here.

Our systematic approach to social media management

Step 1. Social media review

We start by analysing why you have social media and what purpose each channel serves. We then audit your existing channels and suggest opening new ones where relevant.

Step 2. Developing a strategic plan

With defined purpose, we can then go about putting together a plan for success.

Step 3. Content ideation and testing

Now the fun starts. We begin exploring content options and may start testing a few of our hypotheses on your channels to see whether our assumptions stack up.

Step 4. Creating engaging content

With the ideas in our back pocket, we then have our design team create the assets required. Where we can we develop templates that function as a long term asset and not something that has a one time use.

Step 5. Scheduling content

It’s time to lock and load. We then schedule the content on the channels we can, and for those that we can’t, we have it ready to go and set reminders for when to post.

Step 6. Ongoing management

It’s not quite set and forget from there. The plan sometimes needs to be played around with, or content replaced based on the performance of the posts.

Step 7. Regular reporting

We ensure we keep the work to account through regular reporting of the agreed objectives we set for each channel.

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