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Web development

For most businesses, their website should be their main strategic asset. But a lot sadly fail to perform. We design and develop websites that deliver results. Whether for e-commerce, lead generation or to tell your brand story, we ensure your site does what it’s supposed to. But what good is a great website if you can’t use it. That’s why we use well-known CMSs so that you can grow and scale your site yourself, without us.

What we do

We develop websites that fit with your business goals

As your core digital asset, your website needs to align with your business objectives. We take the time to understand how best to do this and how to measure success. We make sure we get a thorough understanding of the scope, and how this will evolve and change as your business does. But this doesn’t mean we overcomplicate things. We aim to deliver websites that are as streamlined as possible, that’ll still achieve the necessary results.

How we do it

We have you ride shotgun at every stage of the design and build 

Our approach to web development doesn’t require a leap of faith. Our multi-step process keeps you firmly in the loop at every stage. This ensures that there are no surprises at the end and allows you to influence the website development throughout.

Why have us do it

We don’t take advantage and ensure you can use the thing 

All too commonly, web development agencies try to confuse clients and keep the process hidden behind the figurative curtain. We are upfront and transparent throughout. If a Shopify site is all you need, we’ll tell you straight and charge accordingly. We also design websites that we can easily handover to you to manage going forward. Coding course not required! Even though they’ll be designed to be foolproof, we make sure you have the training needed to feel as confident as a developer when making updates yourself.

What we can help with


No matter the size, we have the capabilities to build it. We deliver sites that align with your requirements, with our approach flexible based on these needs. The key elements we consider are what the site needs to do and how this might change over time. We also want to know how hands-on you’d like to be and your level of skill set. This ensures we give you a site that you feel comfortable with, regardless of your level of expertise.

Integrations & optimisations

Do you have a great site already but want it to do something it currently doesn’t? Whether that be syncing with your accounting program, or sending your customers’ automated emails, we can help with that. We also audit existing websites and suggest opportunities for improvement and optimisation. Sometimes all that is required is some tweaks, and we don’t even have to be the tweaker. We can point you in the right direction or give you the laundry list to sort out yourself.


Whether you’re selling bamboo toothbrushes or beanies, how-to guides or homewares, we’ve got you covered. We spend the time getting to know your customer and seek to understand their path to purchase. We then develop a solution that ensures we reduce pain points through this process to maximise your site revenue. We don’t reinvent the wheel either. If Woocommerce or Shopify are the best options, we use them.

Our systematic approach to web development

Step 1. Scoping

Proper planning prevents poor performance. Or something like that. Over a series of calls, we get to know your requirements inside and out. The team then sits down and puts together a detailed scope of work and project plan.

Step 2. Sitemapping

Once you sign off on the scope, we then go about putting together a sitemap, which is a detailed overview of all the pages needed to deliver your requirements. During this stage, we also map user flow and experience. This ensures the site is easy to navigate and is likely to convert.

Step 3. Wireframing

At this stage, we start sketching out what the website will likely look like in broad strokes. This rough sketch informs what words and assets require creation.

Step 4. Copywriting

Copy is king as the adage goes, and that is especially so when it comes to your website. Copy is what builds the connection with your customers and helps your website get discovered by search engines. We work in several different ways at this stage. Some clients like to write the copy themselves, with our team reviewing and suggesting edits or vice versa.

Step 5. Creating the digital assets

We now start thinking about how we can make the thing look pretty. Images are crucial in capturing the attention of your customers and conveying your brand aesthetic. Got assets? We’ll use them. We like to combine your existing images and assets with new ones created by our designers.

Step 6. Designing the website

Before we dive into development, we make sure that everything we’ve created so far fits together cohesively. We put away the drafting pencil and create finished page designs that inform the development.

Step 7. Development

Developers, assemble! It’s time for the main event. All of our work so far culminates here. We organise website hosting, set up your CMS and then develop the front end website based on the designs we created in the previous stage.

Step 8. Testing & review

When the first version of the website is complete, we perform extensive testing. We check the site for broken code, links not working, and speed test it. Now over to you to review with a fine-tooth comb, identifying any errors or issues that need to be fixed up.

Step 9. Analytics

As we start to finalise the development, we start installing the required tools so that we can report and analyse the site performance. Anything we can track we do track so that you’ll have all the information you need to make improvements over time.

Step 10. Training

We now turn our attention to making sure you know how to use the website. We’ll give you detailed process documentation and walk you through everything you need to know about your site.

Step 11. Launch

It’s go time! When you give us the green light, we push the site live. We monitor it to make sure there are no unforeseen issues, before handing everything over to you.

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